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Nancy Kline Author

Giving Credit



I do not believe that life is designed, but I am tempted to when something so exactly right, so enriching, so balanced and bold happens that luck seems too weak a concept to explain it. Meeting Sara James through my colleague Ann James (no relation, another mystery) was such a time.


Design then set in for real when Sara agreed to create this website with me. Sara’s work and the chance to work with her have been like a helix, both inextricable and life-giving. Sara designs from a passion for simplicity and space and light and complement. As she does, she also leaves in one’s heart a kind of sun, something beyond gratitude, more like fulfilment. 




Photography and Art


These artists – gifted family, friends, colleagues and professionals – provided some heart-stopping images for the site. For that, and most of all for them, I am grateful.


Keith Barnes Photography

Kimberley Crespo Instagram@kcrespophoto

Ruth McCarthy, London, UK


James R Thomas, Sandy Spring, MD USA

Kristina Crabbe, Oxfordshire

Juniper Freyne, Oxfordshire, UK



Through his inspiration, artistic and literary scrutiny, interest in every draft however imperceptible its changes, and his tender encouragement of me, Christopher Spence lives in every word, image choice, nuance, and open-armed space of this site. 


In the final stages of populating the site providence once again seemed to visit, this time in the form of Merl Glasscock who became the Special Editor of the texts here. Her fine eye and holding of the whole were, and are ongoingly, invaluable and full of grace.

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