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Now here is some good news.1 And I think it should be the lead news story for the next many months. Every news cast and outlet should start with James Webb Space Telescope’s latest performance and keep us all marvelling at it, at us. We should hear about this almost sacred achievement of the human mind first thing every day. And be in awe.

Awe is all there is for me. I have bookmarked live tracking of the James Webb which intensifies my awe. I watch it several times a day. To see those numbers increasing in real time, each saying that that telescope and all its wondrous, unfolding extra-structure and extraordinary minds directing it are hard at work and everything is progressing — that is almost holy to me.

See if you agree:

[1] See Today: ‘Reality Today’

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Enjoy this:


And the next time you look up at the stars, think about the one hundred billion galaxies out there and what was happening on Earth when their light left, twelve billion years ago, on its way to you. No dinosaurs yet. Not remotely. In fact, no Earth at all.

Isn’t it just the most glorious thing that humans can see the sky and think about it as well?

And swoon.

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