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I sometimes have weird ideas, he said.

I know, she said. I like them.

How come? he asked.

Because weird ideas are usually the best.

My teacher doesn’t think so, he said.

Well, teachers have a lot to do, she said, like grade papers and keep records and maintain discipline. You can’t expect them to be on the look-out for good ideas as well.

Really? If I were a teacher, I would be.

Then, she said, you should teach.


I like the word, ‘if,’ he said.


You do? she asked. Why? It is very little.


No, it is very big. That’s why I like it.


It looks little, she said.


But it does big things, he said.


Like what?


Like getting you to feel what you can’t feel.


That’s not possible, she said.


Yes, it is. Watch: If you knew that you are my best friend, how would you feel?


Wow, she said, I’d feel special. I do. Right now.


Big enough? he asked.





​Do you have any secrets? he asked.


Maybe, she said, but maybe not, too.


I know, he said, that’s what I mean.


What? she asked.


Usually, he said, the worst secrets are the ones we keep from ourselves.




There is a problem, she said.


What’s that? he asked.


No problem, she said.


How can no problem be a problem? he asked.


Because of chocolates, she said. Freddie gave me four. That felt good. So I said, ‘Thank you.’ And he said, ‘No problem.’ Suddenly it didn’t feel good any more. How could giving someone four chocolates ever have been a problem?


I agree, he said. Everyone says ‘no problem’ now. Or ‘no worries’. No one says ‘You’re welcome’ or ‘Pleasure’. So we feel bad about trying to make them feel good.


That’s it! she said. Thank you.


Pleasure, he said.

What Do You Think?

What is the purpose of life? he asked.


To be yourself, she answered.

But aren’t I already myself? he asked.

You are now, she said, but people over six usually aren’t.

Why is that? he asked.

Because when they are little, she said, no one ever asks them what they think.



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